How to Build with GatorJaw

  Treat GatorJaw as you would any other building material:

General Instructions

  • Measure twice, cut once.
  • Always wear safety goggles
  • When cutting GatorJaw, let the blade come to a complete stop to prevent the cut off portion from catching the blade and possibly being kicked out
  • Wear protective gloves as the cutting process can leave sharp edges on extrusions and loose burrs.

Tools for Use:
Saws: Miter saw or metal chop saw.
Saw Blades: Carbide Tip blade for cutting bi-metals. An 8" blade should have a minimum of 60 teeth, and for larger blades, a minimum of 80 teeth works best. Be sure to always use spray lube or cutting oil when cutting. This will prevent the aluminum from building up on the blade and provide you with the best finish.

  • The GatorJaw Tool
  • Safety Goggles
  • Measuring Tape
Bracket Selection
Reinforce GatorJaw properly. GatorJaw offers a wide selection of brackets in all the popular angles. Brackets are available in both external and internal mounts, depending on your application. Notice that many brackets are engineered to attach to extrusions by use of two fasteners. This insures the most sturdy and reliable attachment.
Tapping the Round Center Channel
You can tap the end of the GatorJaw framing for stem casters, levelers and through-bolt connections. The round center channel which runs the length of the extrusion will accept a standard 5/16" tap. Always use a tapping lubricant and remember to back the tap out often to clean out the shavings. This will help to prevent binding or breaking of the tap.
Sizing the Insert Panel
The two channels running parallel to the threaded channel (available on all four sides of the extrusion) are designed to accept any 1/8" to 1/4" insert material. To size your panel, simply measure from outside to outside of the framing then deduct 2-7/8" for 1/4" thick insert material or deduct 2-3/4" for 1/8" insert material. If the insert material is thicker than 1/4" you may need to deduct more than 2-7/8".
  Sliding Doors
You can also fashion cabinets with GJX 175 extrusion and panel inserts to build sliding doors. Measure the inside dimension and add 5/8 inch to both the length and width of the insert(use this measurement only when dealing with 1/4" material. Install sliding panels prior to full assembly of the unit.
  Sizing Door Framing and Inserts
Always miter cut the door framing at 45 degrees to accept the internal corner key. To properly size the door frame measure the inside between the framing and deduct 9/16" from the height and width dimensions. This will allow clearance for the hinges and GatorJaw fasteners. To size the door insert panel deduct 2-1/16" from the outside dimension of the door frame for 1/4" thick insert material and 2-3/16" for 1/8" material. For 1/8" inserts you will need to use the u-shaped spline seal for a snug fit.

Proper Use of GatorJaw Fasteners
It is important that you use the proper length fastener when you're attaching the GatorJaw brackets or any other hardware. The fastener should seat as far into the square threaded groove as possible
without bottoming out.

All stamped GATORJAW brackets are designed for the 1/2" long GATORJAW screw. Any bracket that surface mounts as opposed to mounting into the channel usually will need the 3/4" fastener. When surface mounting brackets, you should always use a 1/8" thick spacer or washer under the bracket to fill the recess in the frame rail. This will allow the fastener to tighten properly and prevent it from vibrating loose.

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