GatorJaw maintains a wide array of components and accessories to help you in developing just the right creation for your needs.

Click on any one of the component headings or pictures to see our complete offering, including full descriptions and technical information.
  Extrusions GatorJaw has four different extrusions – all from high-grade, lightweight aluminum. Each extrusion is developed to serve several different functions at the same time.
  Support and Connector Brackets Support and connector brackets come in all popular angles and include various configurations, depending on your construction needs. All brackets are made from heavy-duty materials and reinforced in all critical spots.
  Accessories Every GatorJaw accessory is designed to maximize the use of this unique product. Our goal is to increase the flexibility of your creations and give them that clean, professional look.
  Fasteners Made from high-quality aluminum, GatorJaw fasteners are designed specifically to work with this unique system. One-piece fasteners save you time and and valuable labor dollars.
  Hinges GatorJaw offers s selection of hinges, enabling you to build custome cabinets and other creations with plenty of room for secure storage.
  Casters & Levellers GatorJaw offers a selection of medium-duty and heavy duty casters so that you can easily move carts and other creations around the factory floor. Use floor levellers to adjust level and compensate for uneven floors.
  Counter Tops Choose from a selection of maple hardwood, industrial grade and laminated counter tops. These are all designed for heavy-duty use on workbenches, utlity carts and other work surfaces.
  Plastic Bins A wide selection of plastic bins of all sizes accomodates small parts, instruments and even large tools.
  Special Items GatorJaw designers have also developed an array of specialty items, including custom moldings and endcaps, to complement GatorJaw and increase its functionalty on the industrial plant floor.
  Inserts Grooves which extend down each side of the extrusion are designed to accomodate a variety of quarter-inch thick inserts, including solid and transparent panels and even safety wire.
  Grid Drawers GatorJaw offers a varierty of large and small drawers so that you can design workbenches, work stations, carts and other creations to answer your specific needs.
  Grid Drawer Dividers Grid drawer dividers allow you to further compartmentalize draws in your GatorJaw creation.
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